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I like sweet. I like bold. I like risk. I like surprise. All these things can be accomplished with food. I am flwrbombfoodie, the one who has taken and posted countless food pics of my many food adventures for my friends and followers to drool over. I realized that I do, in fact, know how to share my food. Kinda. I love wine-and-dinning. I love learning about new foods and their endless combinations of preparation and flavor. I love learning new tips and tricks to better my game as a home chef (in which I create all types of quick and healthy meals that will last for days!) And most of all, I love spending these intimate experiences with close friends, and now, with you. I’ll tell you where the best places are to fine dine with wine, to simply grab some delicious grub, or my favorite ingredients to take home and whip up some delicious food at home.

alfred selfie

Me, at Alfred’s, a coffeehouse on Melrose Place #adore #mecca

Diets, diets, diets. As you say this word over and over, it starts to lose its meaning…and all utter motivation to go on (“Whose idea was this? oh yea… mine…”).  I have had the pleasure of eating so many combinations of ways that I have come to realize that, no matter WHAT, diets will die. Diets, in my book, are called lifestyles since, essentially, life is a huge adventure and there is not just one way to eat for the rest of your life! At one point, I strictly followed Paleo (meat, meat, meat!) and after a few months, I got bored and went straight vegetarian for a couple months. With dietary ADD, I’m usually left with half eaten bags of random specialty grains like barley, millet, quinoa, farro (vegetarian to paleo) or a shit ton of bacon and cashews (paleo to vegetarian). However painful and frustrating, it is the ideal love/hate relationship. On the bright side, I did acquired a decent knowledge of food variety and prep as well as a killer/borderline pretentious palate (only freshly ground salt and pepper for me…Sorry not sorry; there is sooo much of a difference!)

Burrito Campesino with scipy potatoes, poblanos, borracho beans and salsa at Luna Maya #meatless #muybueno

Burrito Campesino with spicy potatoes, poblanos, borracho beans and salsa at Luna Maya #meatless #muybueno

It is said that food is a direct reflection of your lifestyle. I feel that in order to be true to yourself, you must be good to yourself, inside and out. Food is the reason for feeling. Now, while some lovingly coddle their premature food babies after, let’s say, an enormous burrito bowl from Chipotle, I would prefer to save myself the pain and generally take the higher, healthier road (despite how delicious the low road can be).

a delicious moment of weakness #chipotle

a delicious moment of weakness #chipotle

However,  food has the fantastic way of tapping deep into our senses where memories pour back to mind with the sip of familiar and fantastic wine or a bite that can only be described as “summertime.”

Tuna Carpaccio with avocado and mango salad and rock salt #sonomawinebar

Tuna Carpaccio with avocado and mango salad and rock salt #sonomawinebar

In a way, one could describe this adventure similar to the likes of the Buddha, searching for my enlightenment towards the perfect food lifestyle. But ole Siddhartha Gautama (pre-enlightenment Buddha) was a million times stronger than I; existing on a handful of rice each day?? (so not Paleo…ur…was that wrong?) Leaving ancient India aside, all you need to know that FOOD is FOOD is FOOD. It is grown, chopped, boiled, baked, blanched, sautéed and  served for us to LIVE.

Please enjoy the steps I take on my food adventure and I hope to inspire you to carve your own turke– path to better and brilliant food.


Aside from being a high  school teacher and JV volleyball coach (Go Wildcats!), I have had my share of food service experience that I has helped to establish my love for food. Here is a picture of me when I worked part-time as a bartender and crepe artist at Baker’s Crust in Historical Ghent in the heart of Norfolk.


     Even though my mind is set on education, ( I love teaching!) my heart is with food. One day, I hope to open a lovely (and local) café serving up the best crepes and cups of coffee you could only dream about (and then actually eat!) But for now, I will share photos and stories about food and maybe I could give you some ideas to either step up your game up in the kitchen or perhaps wow your date with your amazing taste of the local food culture here in town.


My favorite Cuban sandwich with Serrano ham and sliced pork belly #evas

My favorite Cuban sandwich with Serrano ham and sliced pork belly #evas

And if you’re lucky, I’ll mention my craze for pit bull puppies and kittens, traditional tattoos, eclectic coffee shops, varietal libations and my soon-to-be hubby, Troy.

troy and lin one year to gosiren tatdouglas

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fun with oil and vinegar

fun with oil and vinegar


2 comments on “About Flwrbombfoodie

  1. winebbler
    March 3, 2013

    Just nominated you for an award–I really love your blog! Bis, C. xx

    • dizyswimmer
      March 3, 2013

      Thank you! You are too sweet! Your articles are so relevant and your humor is fantastic; the kind that makes me laugh out loud and people think I’m crazy 🙂 cheers xoxo FBF

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