Feeding my curiosities everywhere I go.

Flwrbombfoodie EATS OUT

My weakness. My paradise. One of my top three all-time favorite things to do in the ENTIRE world.

Dining Out.

Mi Familia definitely enjoying wine at Stove in Port Norfolk (PoNo)

Mi Familia definitely enjoying wine at Stove in Port Norfolk (PoNo)

It is more than grabbing food at the food chain joint on the corner when you just don’t feel like cooking. (Been there) It is more than going to the “usual spot” where your waitress knows your order by heart, like how you like sandwich toasted and how you despise tomatoes.(Yep, that just happened.) It is more than just satisfying your hunger and thirst (Grabbing a bag of White Cheddar Popcorn and a Big Gulp for the ride home from work).

It is an truly an experience where an individual surrounds themselves with people they love and sharing their time and space to simply enjoy delicious food. With the memory that you will create of this time and place, in the backdrop, there is a story to be told; a history of a person who decided to dedicate their life to create this experience for you. Now, when I say restaurants, I refer to the locally-owned eateries; the one-of-a-kind places that pay tribute to their immediate surroundings; celebrating what we have HERE, in our home. Hampton Roads. Virginia. 

It is an experience where every single detail has been considered and artfully selected. The atmosphere, the lightening, the table arrangement, the style and material of the menus, the choice of glassware; every piece has a purpose and a reasoning behind its presence before you. Every aspect from the waiter’s attire to the Pandora channel selected that wistfully floats from above come together to create one collective theme, created for your dining pleasure. All this may be observed without even glancing at the menu. The dishes offered should be a direct reflection of the encircling environment you have just entered. It should be thoughtful, consistent, creative, cohesive, yet risky. “Locally original” vibes should drip from it like a melting ice cream cone.

If a wine list is available, it should pair well with the main menu while holding its own with region and varietal variety, entertaining both well-known labels as well as alternative or cult selections. Offering flexibility in glass-to-bottle ratio in balance with appropriate pricing are also variables to notice. A beer list should always represent the local first, offering a selection from each of the many breweries established here at home (on draft or in bottle) while rounding out the list with visiting beers from all over the country and around the world.

These details that surround you are the words to their story and once realized and understood, may you truly enjoy your food.

Here I will share my new memories about the places that I have visited and personally recommend for you to try. Some will be places that I regularly patronize, others will be brand new experiences. Regardless, I walk in with a clean slate, ready to observe, discover, and enjoy. 

For the latest in locally hidden hot spots that I’ve tried, check me out on instagram @flwrbombfoodie



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